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    Community Wi-Fi

    An opportunity exists to optimize bandwidth resources for the benefit of the greater community…


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    CableLabs Technology Adopted by Chinese Cable Operators


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    In-home Wi-Fi Networks

    In developed and developing economies, Wi-Fi is nearly ubiquitous. Demand for connected devices in the home will only continue to grow. What are the challenges and how do we approach them?


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September 11, 2014

Community Wi-Fi – A Primer

By Vivek Ganti, Architect, CableLabs -  When walking through a typical residential neighborhood today, all Wi-Fi access points in range are almost always locked, preventing access to anyone but the owner. Although subscribers pay for a certain high-speed broadband connection, bandwidth caps are not reached most of the time. An opportunity exists to optimize bandwidth resources…

September 4, 2014

CableLabs Technology Adopted by China MSOs (C-DOCSIS)

By Karthik Sundaresan, Principal Architect, CableLabs – DOCSIS® continues to prove its strength, longevity, and relevance as a worldwide access network technology. Last week, CableLabs issued the C-DOCSIS System Specification, completing the suite of specifications known as C-DOCSIS. Cable companies in China are choosing DOCSIS as one of the technologies for offering High-Speed…